Newsletter: Episode 53 Recap

Episode 53 of the Millennial Media Offensive is in the books, and if you missed “Demographic Bulge” live, you can catch up anywhere you get podcasts or on our website.

Former CIA acting director Michael Morell (pictured above) made an appearance on Face the Nation to predict what 2023 would hold around the world, and it’s more appalling than you can imagine. Be sure to start 2023 off right by listening to our deconstruction.

We also deconstructed the narratives surrounding the failure of Republicans to elect a speaker of the house. As you can imagine, the people screaming about chaos, disarray, and embarrassment have alternative motives for disparaging the constitutional process. Shocking.

Kevin McCarthy can’t find any more votes

Some other notable stories we discussed were a 60 Minutes piece pushing Malthusian theory and overpopulation tropes, Andrew “The Romanian Romeo” Tate’s spat with Greta Thunberg and arrest, and Damar Hamlin’s collapse on Monday night football and the history of on-field deaths in the NFL.

Andrew Tate likes to exaggerate

When you listen to episode 53, decide how much value you received while listening and return that value to us. You would be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining and informative millennial production. We need your support to keep the Offensive churning. Prove you aren’t a Fed by donating today.

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