MMO #81 – Rest & Be Soft

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #81 – Rest & Be Soft

The Crimean bridge is broken and the Black Sea Grain Deal was blown up! Ukraine needs more Drones according to a Google nerd. Finland joins team “good guys”. The mainstream media furiously shits its pants over RFK. Voting for No Labels is a vote for or against or inspite of your preferred candidate. The East China theater is heating up faster than the Coastal waters of Florida. Little tiny men inside an American’s pants forced him to cross the North Korean border. Finally, Tik Tok coins a new term for depression and it’s good for you!PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING ON PAYPAL! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP GOINGHuge Thanks to our Fiat Fun Coupon gifting Producers:

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Shownotes Ep 81 Tuesday, July 18, 2023 


            Wine Bag


            World War Pre           

Rest and Be Soft 


            “Yes, sir. I’ll do it.” 

           “Sorry I wasn’t in the background going ah ah ah ah ah ah”           


            CNN Drone War w/ Eric Schmidt, fmr Google CEO 


            Pacific Military DrillExport Control Follow Up North Korea

            Jake Sullivan on North KoreaCNN on Defector to North Korea

CNN on Disciplinary Action

 No Labels

            CNN on No Labels Party 


            Heat Seekers

Cash Bail

            Illinois Cash Bail                      

Michigan Harassment Bill

            FOX Soul on Michigan Harassment Bill

Michigan House Bill 4474 

TikTok Trends


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