MMO #83 – Shotgun of Law

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #83 – Shotgun of Law

After a rare 2 week break on leave, we return to the front in order to continue our assault on the Mainstream. As we predicted Africa is popping off and we believe the Geopoltics game is afoot. We cover everthing from RFK, the Trump Indictment, to Jesus’ sexuality. Nothing is off limits in this hard hitting return of your Millennial Media Offensive.

While John was away, Dan came out to play! Linked below is the Lost Episode of MMO, where Dan accepted phone calls from many of the Offensives fiercest warriors. If you’re brave and not easily offended, you can download it here:

The NATO/BRICS MAP as mentioned in the episode.


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            Blushing for BRICS

            Death Scientists

            The Nephew

            Shotgun of Law

 Ukraine arrests woman in alleged foiled Russian assassination plot against Zelenskyy | Fox News

Fannie Willis speaks on Fulton County Trump Indictment

RFK on Tucker 

Warhawk Foundations 

Project for A New American Century – Statement of Principles

Project for A New American Century – Rebuilding America’s Defenses 

Alternate Electors History


  • EC meets to cast two votes for President. 2nd place won VP
    • Tie is resolved in HOR w/ each state having 1 vote
  • John Adams (Fed) won president w/ running mate Thomas Picknie
  • To avoid tie, electors withheld votes for Picknie leading to Thomas Jefferson (Dem Rep) being elected vice president


  • Jefferson and Aaron Burr (Dem Rep) tied, took 6 days and 36 ballots before tie was resolved

             12th amendment made electors cast Pres and VP ballots             1876:

  • FL, OR, LA, SC sent two slates of electors to be counted
  • Congress appointed 15 people from Senate, House, and Supreme Court to decide which votes to count


  • Congress passed Electoral Count Act


  • Congress amended the Electoral Count Act

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