MMO #86 – Boomer Whisperer

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #86 – Boomer Whisperer

Covid is back, but the Black Sea Grain Deal is not. Schools in England might crumble to the ground, but NATO will not enact Article 5. Gabon had a military coup, but I’m sure it’s nothing deeper than what the mainstream is reporting. Finally, Elon is blaming the Jews and the Jews are blaming Elon. A spiderman meme with a yamaca is in order.


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Shownotes Ep 86

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023


  • Boomer Whisperer
  • The Boo Heard ‘Round the World
  • Hot Grain
  • Operation Blitzcrete
  • Sidestream Media



England Schools

                        – use mortar that is less strong than the blocks

                        – stainless steel reinforcement in mortar beds

In 2021, Breakthrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Michael Bloomberg) invested in EcoChem Materials which makes “green” concrete





FBI Ran CP Site

CO upsets TCU

            They BOTH suck – no defense, low energy play

                        Dion Sanders Hype

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