MMO #88 – Bings and Bongs

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #88 – Bings and Bongs

Another solo Millennial Media Offensive is in the books with John G. Dew explaining what the US spreading “democracy” really means, covering the UN General Assembly, Ukraine’s American military spokesperson, assassinations in Canada, how the Bully XL dog breed is too dangerous for the UK, why the United Auto Whiners strike continues, more bad news for privacy, and the impending 4 day work week. Smash that play button! Donate to the cause. Stay On The Offensive.

Tuesday is Newsday

Today is September 19th, 2023

This is Episode 88 of the Millennial Media Offensive

From America’s South Coast, I’m John G. Dew


Biden Speech

MMO #86 – Boomer Whisperer

Zelensky Speech

US Facilitated Pakistan IMF Bailout in return for Arms and Imran Khan Ouster

Saudi Arms and Israel

US Explores Defense Treaty for Normalization between Saudis and Israelis


Five Prisoners Freed, $6B Unfrozen


Missile Responsible for Death of 16 in Market was Ukrainian – NYT

Ukraine’s New Military Spokesperson is a Transgender American

Cirrilo on Role in AFU


Kim Jung Un Met Putin in Moscow

Canada Assassination

Khalistan Movement Member Killed in Canada, Trudeau Blames India

Modi was in US in June

Ep 77 titled Bat Soup Chef


XL Bully Banned in UK

UAW Strike


Morning Consult – Almost Half of Voters Support Impeachment Probe

Whitmer Kidnapping

Final Three Suspects in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Found NOT GUILTY

Courtroom Recording

***15 YEARS for material support act of terrorism


Gov Agencies, Private Sector monitoring social media, forums, and personal tracking apps with ShadowDragon

Wayback Machine

Intercept – NY Times blocks web crawler feeding Wayback Machine

NM Gun Ban

Ban Amended after Court District Judge Blocked Parts of Order

4 Day Workweek



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