MMO #90 – Salt-Right

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #90 – Salt-Right

A US-focused first half of show covered the sheer CHAOS in the House, The New Right, Illinois Illegal Issue, and much more. Some war talk in the second half and an interesting convo on Africa and Millennial and Gen Z stress in the work place.

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Shownotes Ep 90

Tuesday, October 2nd 2023


Salt Right

Rad Trads


Fourth Rice



Speaker of House

            CBS on Norah O’Donnel

            Kevin’s Agreements



            Gaetz Blamed

NYT on New Right

            ***Stephanie Slade (Reason) interviewed by David French***

Student Loan Vote Buying

            TikTok Financial Advice

Garland 60 Min

                        Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Garland’s Family

Ancestors Debunked


            ABC Money Drying Up

            Ukraine in Africa

Gen Z, Mills

            Deloitte Workplace Survey

            2nd Report

Bowman Fire Drill

                        CNN Article

            Fox Take on Bowman

                        History of House of Representatives Punishments

Bobcat Joyride

            10 Year Old Takes Bobcat for Joyride

Costco Selling Out of Gold Bars

            ***2 per member***

            ***LINK in article – NATIVE AD***

Risks of Developing Long COVID Exaggerated Says Paper in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine

China, MIT Prototype Desalination System

            ***”CHEAPER THAN TAPWATER” at least twice***

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