MMO #91 – Prosti Stings

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #91 – Prosti Stings

Israel has a hummus problem and the USA is ready to supply the pita chips. Episode 91 takes a deep look at the current conflict and discerns possible motives and outcomes. If you don’t like Geopolitics, then go ahead and turn off this episode and listen to NPR’s bland government approved narrative.

Huge Thank you to Dame of the Absurd for pumping out the art for MMO #91. If you think you can beat her, send your art to &

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Shownotes Episode 91

Tuesday October 10, 2023



            Prosti Stings


            John Kirby on CBS w/ Scott MacFarlane

            Maj Mike Lyons on CNN

            Ariel Cohen Sr. Fellow Atlantic Council on CNBC

            Fox Report on Israeli Babies

            Atrocities Report i24 News

            Nicole Zeldek i24 2nd Report

            Nayirah Testimony to Congress 10/10/90

            Biden Speech on Hamas Attacks

            Ron Paul on US Involvement with Israel and Hamas 01/09/09

Amazon’s Project Kuiper

The Nephew Independent Run

Operation Buyers Remorse

            Ohio Prostitution Sting

            Florida Prostitution Sting

Afghan Earthquake

Syrian Academy Attack

Piracy in Nigeria

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