MMO #92 – Terror Tunnels

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #92 – Terror Tunnels

The only thing more explosive than a Middle Eastern conflict is this Israeli-Hamas focused episode of MMO. We examine the prevailing media narratives and the beating drums of an expanded war in the Middle East. Our Media fans the flames of outrage and ensures everyone toes the line. Free yourself from this madness and listen right now.

Huge Thank you to Dirty Jersey Whore for pumping out the art for MMO #91. The topic really tipped the scale in his favor! If you think you can beat him, send your art to &

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Shownotes Episode 92

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


No Children for Old Men

Terror Tunnels

Getty Image Terrorist

Floor to Floor Door to Door

Boot Du Juor




            Aljazeera Al Aqsa Flood***

            Ann Marie Green CBS

Salma Abdelaziz CNN

            Shapiro on FOX w/ Mark Levin

            Ch 4 Matt Frei Evacuation Airstrikes

            MSNBC Richard Engle on Hostage Release Statement

***Palestine includes the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestinian elections in 2006 elected Hamas to form a coalition govt with Fatah. Gov collapsed in 2007 with conflict between Hamas and Fatah. No elections since then***


                        Turkey Takes Control of KFOR For 1 Year

                        Minister of Foreign Affairs Hakan Fidan on Israel, Hamas

                        Right Wing Polish Party Defeated in Parliamentary Elections


            Chicago Stabbing

                        AP Article

            Pepper X



                        Investopedia Article


            Earthworms More Valuable Than Russia


“NASA officially released a proposal request for the U.S. Deorbit Vehicle (USDV), a spacecraft that will safely deorbit the ISS. As per the plan, the ISS will gradually decrease in altitude, and once it reaches the final deorbit phase, the USDV will carry the space station to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Any debris will fall into an unpopulated ocean area.”

            Serena Aunon-Chancellor Allegations

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