MMO #95 – Acadumbia

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #95 – Acadumbia

A fun episode of Mainstream Media sales tactics on stale Israel Hamas conflict. The Nashville Shooter had her “Manifesto” leaked by Steven Emotional Abuse Crowder. We talk about making statements and the good ol environment. Also, It’s election day! We hope you elect to listen to and support MMO #95!

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Tuesday, November 7th 2023

Episode 95



            Campaign of Vengeance

Israel – Hamas

            New Talking Point: Antizionism is Antisemitism

            Media Covering Unsavory Jewish Dehumanization

Statementese On The Media


                        The Conversation – Ancient Fire in California


            Trump Invited to Kyiv

            Baron’s Adventures

            Polls A Wake Up Call

            Trump’s Campaign of Vengeance

Election Day

            Gov Andy Beshear Radio Ad

Dutch Slashing Airline Slots at Schipol Airport for Summer 2024, Barring Airlines with No Historical Rights

No Time for Elections – Zelensky

Zelenksy’s Wife Child Trafficking


            Trade Minister from US on SA News

Ohio Abortion Proposal is Confusing 🙁


            Left Loses Elections

            Rebels Suspend Talks with Gov

Panama Canal Drying UP

            How Stuff Works

            Von der Leyen in Kosovo, Traveling to Montenegro then Serbia

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