MMO #96 – Slowa Flowa Cartel

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #96 – Slowa Flowa Cartel

If you enjoy hot talk of toxic chemicals and using psychological sexy tactics to recruit lonely men to the armed forces, this episode is for you! MMO #96 takes a hard look at Pfas, the border, Xi and his visit to Poop town San Francisco. The Ethnic wars continue and information psyop war rages on. Amazingly, we received two different Bag Daddy Booster Jingles, which both make their debut.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Episode 96


Emotional YoYo

Slowa Flowa Cartel

Deceive to Lead


            PFAS Bloomberg Investigates


            Xi Visiting Newsome California


            Treasury Bond Sale Goes “Poorly”

            Was It Ransomware?


            ABC GMA on Fentanyl and Border Funding


            NBC Nightly Threats to Lawmakers

            Suspicious Mail

                        ***Fent isn’t Anthrax***

                        Poynter – Dispelling the Fentanyl Overdose Myth

                        Ricin Mail in 2013

***FBI went after Ft. Detrick scientist Steven Hatfield because of pressure from NYT Columnist Nicholas Kristof. Steven Hatfield defended himself and eventually won a $5.8 million dollar settlement for invasion of privacy***

***FBI said Ft. Detrick scientist Bruce Ivins was sole culprit of anthrax letters in 2001, but their conclusion has been questioned by, thought to be extinct, investigative journalism***

                                                PBS Frontline Anthrax Files

                                    NIH Funding Results

            Niki Haley is the Worst

Ethnic War

            ABC Latest

Information War

                        Ian Bremmer on Big Think w/ EiC Robert Chapman-Smith

Egirl Psyop

            Haley Luhan

            Ghosts in the Machine


            Supreme Court Ethics Rules


            Naomi Biden Robbed

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