MMO #89 – Word Warfare

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #89 – Word Warfare

Shownotes Episode 89

Dan Gehring is BACK ON THE OFFENSIVE! After a two-week hiatus Dan is back to discuss conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia and Kosovo and Serbia, how Canadian politicians know nothing about World War 2 and honored a former member of Germany’s SS in parliment, the White House’s new Office of Gun Violence Prevention, the new Senate dress code and how Senators are up in arms, and much, much more! We also debut the “Who Wants to Be A Millionare” spinoff “Who Cares if You’re Wrong on A Podcast”. Join us On The Offensive and cool your blue spot.

Huge Thank you to Dirty Jersey Whore for pumping out the art for MMO #89. Nailed it! If you think you can beat him, send your art to &

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Shownotes Episode 89


  • Word Warfare
  • For Fact’s Sake
  • Toe Sucker Mentality



Al-Jazeera Blockade

Serbia Armed Group

Canada Ovation for SS Fighter



Poland’s Education Minister Says He’s Taken Steps to Extradite Yaroslav Hunka

Project Thor

CBS Evening – Adam Yamaguchi

White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention

Car Theft

CBS New Generation of Car Thieves “Hacking”

Dress Code

ABC ATM – Lionel Moise

South Carolina Hearing – Dr. Janci Lindsay

AIDS Memorial

ABC Palm Springs Local – Jake Ingrassia




            Credit Boo-Bury for art on ep 87

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