MMO #93 – This Is NOT Political Propaganda

Millennial Media Offensive
Millennial Media Offensive
MMO #93 – This Is NOT Political Propaganda

Fifth Generation Warfare is the prevailing theme of MMO #93. From the 5 Eyes to Israeli Hasbara, The propaganda and lies in from the World Governments that are regurgitated by the Mainstream Media are at an all time high. Ham Hands McConnell makes a guest appearance. Predictably, the Media has labelled the cool politician in a foreign country, The Trump of that country. Finally, Super Fog is attacking the Who Dats. Dissect the narrative and harvest the truth with the Millennial Media Offensive!

Huge Thank you to BillyBon3s for pumping out the art for MMO #93. The 5 eyes of Uncle Sam want you to listen to A Walk Through the Mind by BillyBon3s (and MMO of course)! If you think you can beat him, send your art to &

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Tuesday, October 24 2023

Ep 93


            Reply Goy

            This Is NOT Political Propaganda

5 Eyes on 60 Minutes


            Bush on Israel

            Iran and OPEC

            Son of Hamas Leader “Green Prince” on CNN

            Israeli Hasbara

South America

            Peronism in Argentina – Buenos Aires Times


            SUPER FOG


            Washington Standard GTN Xpress Pipeline


            Alaska Air Hijacking

                        SimpleFlying Story


            Finnish Pipeline Damaged by Chinese Cargo Ship Dragging Anchor

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